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ZFX - Грязные фантазии Лизы Кинкейд

Количество просмотров: 196
Оригинальное название: ZFX - The Dirty Dreams Of Lisa Kinkaid
Год:  2002
Страна:  США
Студия:  ZFX Productions
Продолжительность:  00:58:00
Категории:  Майлдом , Принуждение , Бондаж , Порка , Секс , Минет , Страпон , Пытка , Эротика , Художественные

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Описание:  Bondage superstar Lisa Kinkaid like you have never her seen before! Sexy Lisa Kinkaid stars as herself in this twisted piece of bondage cinema. Arriving at the ZFX Studio for an interview with her mentor, bondage director Rick Masters, Ms. Kinkaid confides in us that she sometimes loses track of time when she visits Rick. It does not take long to figure out why. After answering some intimate questions for her fans, Rick and Lisa provide us with the tantalizing scenario of bondage and subjugation.

Rick morphs into some kind of thing best described as vaguely humanoid, sporting an enormous and nasty looking boner and a smaller tentacle probe of some sort. Lisa is stripped naked and fondled before Rick mounts the hapless girl, sliding his giant freak dick into her dripping gash. After a thorough balling fore and aft, her pussy filled to overflowing with spunk and her ass dribbling with some clear goo secreted by the tentacle probe, Lisa is bound with a huge vibrator tied in her hot qualm, a vibrating egg positioned on her throbbing clit and a butt plug inserted up her swollen ass. Left in this strenuous position, Lisa begins to writhe and grunt with pleasure using the ropes to jam the vibrator and butt plug even further into her already distended holes.
Her mind and body reeling with pleasure, Lisa begins to have very vivid and bizarre dreams in which she is bound, gagged and humiliated by a pair of fantasy zfx villains who will take Lisa fantasies even further. incomparably hot Lisa Kinkaid takes it to the next darkly erotic level, don't miss this incredible bondage horror masterpiece, hands down the most intense ZFX


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